unTITLEd 87


unTITLEd 81

this is the
abstract look of 
the Dweey,
Malaysia Designer Toy.

You will noticed
why there is
penang information inside,
this is because
I drew this after I’m just back
from Penang
attending a customization work.
the dweey were from the hostel
I stayed in Penang.

unTITLEd 86


unTITLEd 86
this is
a portrait? a key?
or a mobile suit
when you rotate left?

let me know what you

Work with KGC Golf Club, Sabah


This is the happiest work I did at my hometown, Sabah in February. I customized 300 golf balls differently with my doodle works for 300 players as souvenir for the KGC Golf Club Captain Cup Tournament 2014. At beginning, I heard the committees were discussing to prepare souvenir for the players, and I asking why not customize golf balls for them as souvenir. I thought it will be easy to customize all the golf balls since I’m used to customize work. Later I asked for the details, there are 300 players for the tournament. I was shock and scare I unable to work it out. But since I were the person who suggest the souvenir, and the committees already agreed, so I take up the challenge and did the customization work for the whole february just for their tournament in March 2014.

unTITLEd 85



unTITLEd 85 / bulldog

Do you think
this is a bulldog?
When I completed this
during that time,
it does look like bulldog,
but now when I posting up,
it seems like another image,
can you name it for me?

unTITLEd 84


unTITLEd 84 / animals maze

along with the drawing here,
let guess how many animals
can be found in it.
answer: cow, goat, dog,

unTITLEd 83



unTITLEd 83 / A teapot

a teapot 
a portrait of a character 
an answer from you?
you decide it yourselves 

unTITLEd 82


unTITLEd 82
weird bunny

as time goes by,
lots of inspiration and awesome artists were found.
they keep on inspired me with their work,
bunny- an artist who loves to draw bunny
and also produced her illustration book about bunny,
with title “The Bunnybook – A 182 days illustration project”
and her name is Abs Lee from Malaysia.