unTITLEd 100

untitled 100

unTITLEd 100
Top view of the creature

Here is the final pieces of the unTITLEd project.
The 100th drawing.
And I manage to make it through.

when you rotate either left of right,
you can still see another images.
for me, it is a bowl of meal. How about you?


unTITLEd 99

untitled 99unTITLEd 99
The Biker

This is a biker,
but if you turn over the whole artwork,
you can actually noticed there is
an elephant with a big trunk.
don’t you agree?

unTITLEd 98

untitled 98

unTITLEd 98
Lion Dance

what do you think about this line art?
after so many months,
and I look back to write a story,
it seems to be like Lion Dance.

Collaboration work Malaysia 5th Annual Coca Cola Collector Fair 2015 by Glassfin

Coca Cola S001

This is a collaboration work with Glassfin to come out a video mash up for Malaysia 5th Annual Coca Cola Collector Fair 2015.
It Is always one of my dream to work out with famous brand because I wanted to see how it will look like when my drawing style be applied onto their brand. Thanks to Glassfin for choosing my works together with other talented Malaysia artist for the video mash up.
For video preview // https://vimeo.com/126873371

Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary Charity Exhibition

This is the progress of my drawing for Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary.
I’m not good in drawing human, So I studied the costum of Bruce Lee in The Green Hornet/ The Kato Show and draw the shape using my style.

This original artwork is then submitted for charity event and also tour exhibition in Malaysia
DSCF5394 DSCF5397 DSCF5400 DSCF5402  DSCF5409


unTITLEd 97

untitled 97

unTITLEd 97

Yes, it is
This totally look like microscope when I completed it that day.
but today,
when I rotated it to the left,
it looks like one kind of fish from the sea

unTITLEd 96

untitled 96

unTITLEd 96
Mask protector

A wild guess,
this is a mask protector,
but you can also see another image which is the side view of
a monster wearing helmet.

Surprisingly, if you rotate right the image,
you can notice that there is a bag, bottle and a box of stationary too