Wall drawing

DSCF4957 DSCF4959 DSCF4958

Inspired by British doodle artist – Jon Burgerman drawing a big piece of place always one of the task I wanted to complete because I want to know how far is my patience. I wish to draw a whole house full of my doodle and turn it out to be a very doodle house for everyone to color.

This is the wall drawing I spent 4 months to draw due to the working time of the shop. I can only draw on every weekend.

As a result, the customers who went to the shop like to snap picture and wanted to color the whole wall.

Now I am just looking forward to see the colored wall did by every customers.


Glass customization

IMG-20141025-01182 IMG-20141025-01186 IMG-20141025-01181 IMG-20141025-01180 DSCF4901

During 22-24 October 2014, I was invited to go Sutera Mall Art Festival in Johor Bahru. At that time, there was the furniture showcase just beside me. Therefore I approach to the owner of the furniture and ask for approval on customizing her furniture.


The picture above is another piece of glass customized together with another artist – Ikuwashi during the event.

unTITLEd 95

untitled 95

unTITLEd 95
Open mouth Gecko

when I draw this,
I didn’t think much and I just draw,
few months later by today,
the title for this illustration seem changed.

unTITLEd 94

untitled 94










unTITLEd 94 Flying whale

inspired from the movie
Life of Pi,
this whale was done
after I saw lots of people 
drawing a fanarts for 
Life of Pi



unTITLEd 93

untitled 93


unTITLEd 93 Turtle with big shell 

when I drew this artwork,
I was actually thinking of having my own pet
which is turtle with big shell.

but today I posting up,
I found out that it looks like
the old school roller blade

do you agree with me?


unTITLEd 92


unTITLEd 92
monster or a fish

when I draw this,
it looks like monster,
but later on,
when I uploading 
this image,
it become fish

unTITLEd 91


unTITLEd 91
smoking guy

before that, it was a smoking guy
slowly it somehow look like
but when you turn it 
to another angle,
it looks like a conceptual train head.